Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich

Half cup roughly chopped red capsicum
One medium sized onion - peeled and chopped
2 Eggplants - thinly sliced
Half cup zucchini - thinly sliced
1 tbsp crushed feta cheese
4 slices of bread
Salt and pepper for sprinkling
Olive oil to drizzle

Serves 2

On a grilling pan, grill the vegetables on medium to high heat for about 7-9 minutes. Sprinkle salt and pepper for taste.
Spoon the mixture onto the slice of bread, covering it fully. Now drizzle the olive oil and the crushed feta cheese. Cover with another slice of bread.
Grill the sandwich.

Serve it with Hummus for a total mediterranean experience or simply dip in ketchup and enjoy :)


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