Gaajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

Gaajar Ka Halwa
Gaajar ka halwa is a traditional Indian dessert that is made of carrots, dried milk and a good amount of sugar. It is a delicacy served on occasions like weddings and grand receptions.

Gaajar ka halwa has been my favourite since I was a child. To be honest, I never liked carrots in any other form though .... but this dessert was something that thrilled my taste buds every time I had it :)

Back in the days, I remember my mother used to make this dessert using red carrots that were only available during winters. She made it out of grated carrots giving it a rich taste by adding khoya (dried milk), almond paste, cardamom powder and cloves and it used to taste amazing in it's granular form !

I normally follow another recipe which my husband prefers a lot ! In it, I make a puree of the carrots into a soft and pillowy texture , very fine paste. He loves to stick it to the palate and roll the halwa with his tongue making sure the whole mouth and the taste-buds take pleasure of it :D

Gaajar ka halwa garnished with sliced almonds
Ingredients :
1 kg carrots - peeled, washed, pressure cooked or boiled and pureed
2 cups sugar or according to your taste how much sweet you want
10-12 almonds ground to a fine powder
1 cup milk (made with 4 tsp of milk powder and water) I use Nido milk powder
2 whole cardamoms
3 tbsp desi ghee (unsalted butter)
Peeled and sliced almonds for garnishing

Method :
First of all in a deep bottomed non stick pan on medium heat cook the pureed carrots until all the water is dried off. It may take about an hour for the water to dry out. Occasional stirring is very important.
After the water has dried off, add milk and powdered almonds and cook for at least one more hour or until the milk has completely dried out ... I normally cook for about 2 hours on medium heat.
Now add the sugar and mix well. Cook until the sugar has completely dissolved. Reduce the heat to low.
Heat the ghee in a separate small pan and add the cardamoms to it. Add this ghee and cardamoms to the halwa and let it simmer for at least 5 more minutes.

Decorate the halwa in a nice dish and garnish it with the sliced almonds, a great way to jazz up any dessert :)


  1. delicious carrot halwa we love this dessert

  2. oh good ! have you ever tried making it ?

  3. Me gusta mucho este postre. Tengo uno de zanahoria en el blog (trufas de zanahoria y coco).
    Te gustarĂ¡.

  4. Halwa is addictive! Love it.

  5. It sure is Ellie ! thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Finally! A blog about Indian recipes! Thanks for visiting mine, I'll be checking your website often - I love Indian food :)

  7. Cool! I've never tried Carrot Halwa but it looks great -- especially since carrots are great for eyesite and apparently give you a slight glow too :) thanks for sharing

  8. Even my aunt purees the carrots for the preparation of this halwa. Looks delicious.
    Glad to find that you are in Toronto as well, and a fellow Hyderabadi. Will definitely keep visiting your blog.

  9. one of fav sweet dish .. love gajar ka halwa .. anytime!
    btw .. whenever you have a new post uploaded .. tweet about it, that way everyone will get to know :)

  10. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog !
    @Mona- thanks so much , yes its good to know that you r also from toronto , left you a message at :)
    @Sunshine - i will definitely do that :)

  11. One of my favorite indian desserts! Thanks for not using a cup of ghee as I've seen elsewhere. I definitely must try this myself :).

  12. That's such a beautiful dish. I think I might feel guilty putting that much sugar in with my carrots, but I'm seriously tempted!


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