My spice box, it's so magical !

The Spice Box 

In this blog I would like to address something about the Indian spices. Indian spices deliver quality, strong redolence, purity and gratifying taste to various dishes. These aromatic spices bring life to the Indian cuisine.

Every spice has its own distinctive flavor and function. The Hindi or Urdu word for spice is "Masala". Let's get going on a zesty , aromatic , flavorful expedition !

Starting with red chilli powder which is one of the most common spices used in Indian cuisine. It is derived from whole red chillies ( which are dried in the sun ) and then used in a powdered form. The "hindi" or "urdu" term for red chilli powder is "Laal Mirch". The powder is generally added to give food taste and makes it hot and spicy !

Then comes the second most common spice which is turmeric powder or "Haldi" (Hindi term) . It is bright yellow in color and imparts a beautiful shade to the food. It also carries medicinal benefits like relieving pain in sore throats when added to a glass of warm milk. It is also said that it reduces fats , arthrits pain , helps in purifying blood and regulating blood circulation. There are countless benefits of turmeric !

Garam masala ! The name literally connotes "Hot spice" but garam masala is not a spice in itself. It is a fusion of several other spices which is ground into a fine powder. It comprises of cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns, cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Mostly there are different formulas of garam masala but I like my own recipe :)

Cumin seeds or zeera is a healthy spice. I always loved the name "Zeera" and always think that if I own a restaurant it will be named after it ! Mostly cumin seeds are used as a baghaar to garnish dishes and that crunchiness after deep frying the seeds adds up to the taste. It gives a strong, warm aroma that'll make you fall in love with it .


  1. What a lovely photo and a wonderful post. I can smell the aromas of the spices just from looking at your photo. I'm certain I would love you garam masala!


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