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Mantu - Afghani Stuffed Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce

Mantu is an Afghani dish that has dumplings (stuffed with minced meat) which are steamed to perfection and dipped in a flavoursome yogurt sauce and topped with cooked lentils and tomato sauce.
I first had Mantu at a food festival in Mississauga, Ontario. The presentation of the dish itself was so tempting that I knew I had to try it out and as I finished my first bite, I told my husband I cannot share this plate with him. Finished it all. It was delicious!!!
I made Mantu for the first time last Ramadan for Iftaar. And I realized that home made Mantu was better than the ones made in restaurants. Try the recipe below, you'll know what i'm talking about ;)


Prepared ground Chicken / Lamb (Kheema)
15-20 Wonton wrappers

For the yogurt sauce:
1 cup whipped yogurt
Quarter cup water
Zeera dhania powder(cumin seeds and coriander seeds powder) - half tsp
Dried Mint leaves - crushed
Oil - 1 tsbp
Salt to tase

For the lentil and tomato sauce:
Half cup - chana dal (boiled unt…

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